The Tale behind The Tune
Ray Sargent believes that if a tune's worth playing, then there simply has to be a great story behind it!

PICTITLE During an hour of enchantment, Ray will entertain you with tunes ranging from an Elizabethan Ballad on the Saxophone to a Jazz arrangement on the Recorder; each musical number accompanied by a gripping tale!

These yarns will range from a belligerent comic actor in the time of Shakespeare, to bored Irish troopers based on the Dorset Downs during the Napoleonic Wars, to a turn-of-the-century folk-song collector narrowly escaping a beating from an irate gypsy!
Besides the Sax and Recorder, Ray will be playing Old-English Bagpipes and accordion; many of his solo performances being accompanied by backing-tracks, produced by Ray himself using music technology.

In short, a musical storytelling extravaganza!

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