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Take the spirit of Geoffrey Chaucer's best known work, stick it in the heart of Thomas Hardy's Wessex almost five hundred years later, remove the "upper crust" (or aristocracy!) and what have you got?

The Casterbridge Tales

Written and Performed
Raymond Sargent

Show format: Full Length: Act 1= approx. 50 minutes. Act 2= approx. 50 minutes

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Based apon "A Few Crusted Characters" by Thomas Hardy, this new one-man show has all the humour, pathos and humanity of its medieval predecessor.

Discover how Tony Kytes - the "Arch Deceiver" - manages to hide three unsuspecting female admirers in the same cart at the same time, the consequences of the Hardcome cousins marrying each-others' betrothed, how Netty Sargent succeeds in holding on to her tied cottage by indulging in a little skulduggery, and how a band of tipsy church musicians confuse a Sunday service for a Saturday night knees-up.

These are just some of the stories that make up "The Casterbridge Tales".

Yes - they're all here; the hilarious, the tragic, the ironic and even the supernatural. Join "A Few Crusted Characters" on their journey from Casterbridge to Longpuddle, as they compete to tell the very best yarn of them all!

The Casterbridge Tales

Example of reviews on Ray's current shows...
"Anyone who doubts that a man can play a dozen characters and still make the stories convincing has not seen Raymond Sargent in action".
the Salisbury Journal.
"As he moves from character to character he changes the accent and timbre of his voice to suit, and small changes in carriage and stance are enough to make the differentiation clear. In short, he performs each character. What we see is not simple storytelling, but a play".
The British Theatre Guide.

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