Charles, Ray and Phil The Wimborne Minstrels
Photos by Mark Lambert
the Wimborne Minstrels
Charles Spicer | Raymond Sargent | Philip Humphries
(windcap shawm | Old-English bagpipes | slide trumpet)


The Wimborne Minstrels create a vital present-day musical experience using authentic instruments and original song lyrics to perform early medieval music from both sides of the channel.

The band was formed especially to open the 1204-2004 Jersey Revels, a celebration of the island's links with England and Normandy. Their concerts feature light-hearted but informative spoken introductions including Chaucer's wry observations on music and musicians.

The band's musical material is based on sound scholarly research which is then given a lively performance in the spirit of the early medieval minstrels; low in social status but high in musicianship and versatility. The band plays a wide variety of instruments from the classic waits line-up of shawms and slide trumpet, through bagpipes, pipe-and-tabor, sackbut and nakers, to gemshorns and the human voice.

Charles Spicer Charles Spicer (Bagpipes, Shawm, Pipe and Tabor, Gemshorn, Voice): Charles studied at the Guildhall School, London, and has worked widely as an actor and musician, including productions at the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. He contributes regularly to world music projects for TAPS and is a member of The Oxford Waits and The Mellstock Band, with whom he plays early & modern oboes, cor anglais and flute, and sings.
Phil Humphries Phil Humphries (Sackbut, Slide Trumpet, Recorder, Gemshorn, Voice): Phil studied at Trinity College, London, and embarked on a career as a big-band trombonist with The Andy Ross Orchestra. After returning to his native Dorset, he became involved in early music and is now one of the country's leading serpent and ophecleide players. He is a member of The Mellstock Band, The London Serpent Trio, The Winchester Waits and music-hall duo The Lost Chord, and guests regularly with various orchestras.
Ray Sargent Ray Sargent (Percussion, Bagpipes, Recorder, Pipe and Tabor, Voice): Ray studied at the Mountview Theatre School, London, and has appeared as actor and musician in productions ranging from Thomas Hardy's 'Tess' to lead saxophone player in 'The Buddy Holly Story', to a belligerent Elizabethan minstrel in 'Time Tourists' for Meridian Television and The History Channel. In the 'eighties he worked with Phil Humphries in The Horses Brawl Band. He tours extensively throughout the U.K. with his one-man shows, for which he composes the original music.
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Charles and Philip are also members of The Mellstock Band
Charles is also a member of The Oxford Waits
Philip is also a member of The London Serpent Trio


For booking enquiries telephone:
01258 837034
or to The Wimborne Minstrels

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